Monday, May 28, 2012

Jumat, 25th May 2012

All right, i am starting to write my blog in English.

Not to mean that i am so high, but this is a process to build a habit in English. Means, thinking, writing, reading, in English. :)

Last time, i wrote so many titles on Friday. Many things that come over on my mind. And it was great and i was very grateful that i could write as much as i could. Subhanallah.

On Friday, if i am not mistaken, i came by to TP (marketing building), and ask Mr Rusdi and Mr Jaffar whether i could come with them. I wanted to submit my paper about my activites in recent months. And i have to eat as well, before friday prayer. Mr Jafar told the story about how bos like what did i do recently. OJT in the field directly, communicate with fellow mechanics and their bos as well. I am so pity that there is a gap between functionality position and the structural. At least that was what i thought. I do respect them, as fellow mechanics are working so heartful. Although many complains were ... (ach, i am so need a pocket's oxford dictionary). But that was the most challenging part as far as i work in this company.

followed by an IAMSA's preparation meeting, and back to TP. First, i would like to talk with Bos, as i have several thing planned in my mind. I want an OJT (again) in other units, but still in production area. Unfortunately, he was so busy with clients. I wrote him an email though, i hope he will have a time in couple days. 

I drove my car in Friday, so no choice but to go home in the late night. I've departed from office at 8 pm. Before that we had a discussion (me, Mr B, Mr. K, Mr. S) all talked about their experience and some strengthness and weakness between present days and past days when they were young. Many positives that i could gain and count. Comparisons that revealed are truth and it was worrying me. Many things i should do in a limited time.

I am sure that there will be an answer, i am sure that God had a plan for me, and i will do my best and pray! :)

Wish me luck please