Monday, May 28, 2012

Quantum Touch (advance)

I had a training on  last Saturday and Sunday..

Yes, i had a training about Quantum Touch. I wrote the previous section in older page. 

Underlined, the most important thing that i could get from the training is the more you humble and close to Him, the more you can do. As God support you, floowed by the universe support you. As the universe is His creation. Pak Syamsul (trainer) told a hadits, based on Abu Hurairah: it was about the perfect condition on body, mind and soul. It happened on Khalifah Umar Bin Khatab's era, as amirul mukminin, Abu Hurairah pointed as the General Command for the troops by Umar bin Khatab ra. As he answered the challenge from the Roman. 
Come to a place where they have to accros a river about 300 meter wide, and it was a flood. Several days the river had not show that it will be normal, on the other side they were running out food. Then General Abu Hurairah took a bow while talking to the river and touch the surface, he talk, "Hi water, you are Allah's creation, so do I, i have an order from Amirul Mukminin to fight in His way (jihad), i asked you to let me and my troops can cross this river." (more and less like that). what happened next? they could walk on the water to across the river. While Romans were seeing this happened, they raise a white flag. Subhanallah. 

I had not idea about his before, maybe it was a mistranslated language between Hadits and Local language. But i was surprises. They played a video about a young man walk on the Thames river in London. waawww..

It was a lesson about you are a part of the universe. You can have a same frequency as them (resonance), You can resonate them while you have a high energy. As high energy will entrain the lower energy. As well you can ask energy from Allah's creations, tree, water, light, sun, moon, etc. And i felt water has a big energy when i asked energy from it. 

super huh? it is really happen. And i am so grateful i can learn such an incredible things. Simple but really big. While i am taking this training with Karin. hehehe.