Monday, July 02, 2012

All Happened

Lagi nunggu goten* diservis.
Barusan nunggu di luar, salah tempat. Secara di luar dipake buat ngerokok.

Dapet urutan nomer 11. Dateng jam 8 kurang dikit memang. Heran ama orang yang dapet nomer 1. Jam berapa ya datengnya? Apa mungkin balapan ama yang 2 sama 3? Ngebayangin keren juga sie*..

Ada orang maen liwat aja, damn miss uk and the people. Hope will be there in a short time. Btw, many things happen both in office and my personal life. I had held a presentation for people review in my unit, one of my best friend officially work in other company, had a class covering markerting strategy, I have gained my weigth *huffft*, in the office learning about sales controlling, and so on. In the next two days I will have an asessment, no idea what it would for. Nevertheless I hope I can do my best. Insya Allah..

Btw, goten* is being serviced at the moment. The same slot as previous maintence. might be the same technician as well. Hope everything is okay. Since goten has become our ride on november 2012.

Oh yeah, I got a new project as well. It is solver. Yup I did made a restoration, that what I call. I have him painted all over the body, followed by recover the interior (seat cover and door trim). It has been almost 2 months. Have to be patient. :)

And one more, about the carrier path. Had a conversation with Om DC. The culture of thd place where I am working now, it is like this. Just cool, calm, and confidence. Since the future and my journey still a long way to go. But I hope I can do my best. Insya Allah.

There are preparation for the wedding as well. Many things have to be prepared. So, here goes nooootthhhiinnnggg... Bismillah

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