Wednesday, February 05, 2014

Waiting for you Honey

Ticking of the clock, changing of the date, makes me have this feeling. i have this feeling before, the feeling before i go UK for my PhD. a feeling which represents all the feeling between worry, excited, sad, happy, and i do not know.

I asked my friend, my supervisor, my father, about this feeling. This feeling tremendously happen in my ages they said, the feeling that i have not felt before. the feeling that i am thinking other person. Yes, a person the soul of my life. If i can say like that. Worry what should i do.

This evening i am feeling that feel. I miss my wife, my family as well. I miss home.
I am thinking about next morning, i feel different, i feel excited, yet i am challenged with the situation. Holding a household in this country. The country that i am not familiar as my home country.

"worry is fine." my father said. Indeed, he said that, he felt it. Feeling when he asked my mother to make a big move from her home country to a new city. My mother has not been gone to the city. Maybe this is the feeling that he felt. The same condition of us today. But i hope the way i am writing this, so my great great great great children may have some encourage to do the same. The bravery to gain a challenging opportunity.

So, I will let this to Allah. He is The Almighty, gives us this challenging opportunity. I hope we can face this successfully. "Bismillah"