Wednesday, June 19, 2019


I saw Garry Vee's video yesterday. What did he say it really awakes me. There are many things that is beyond our control. People, environment, culture, decision, etc. So, based on that, we could see that we need to control the 'beyond control' things.
This situation has led Garry could naturally control the things as he is aware that many things are beyond his power and control. This led me to realise that a lot of things could not be controlled easily. Therefore, we do need to prepare everything. Mistakes are unavoidable (Wisnhutama, CEO NET), but we have to prepare and done everything without mistakes. Thinks all the details and prepare for the worst.
Now, time to move on. Time to control the 'beyond control' with what we can control :)


Tuesday, June 18, 2019


There are many opportunities out there, however, each opportunity has its own characteristic. I do a lot of opportunities. If we represent opportunities as a job or work, we could say that there will be a lot of branches. These branches represent on how we could embrace all opportunities to approach our objective.
There are many ends, which do you want? money? career? work environment? location? growth?
In the end, we do need to adjust or align these ends with the current needs. I do learn a lot about this thing, for now maybe, A is the most important ends for me. Then, it could be adjusted to B for the next end.
It will be depend on your own. You will have your own path. What I do remember is on how to embrace the moment. Enjoy the moment. Bringing confidence to myself and keep the confidence and throw away all excuses. I do have excuses, but it could be all away once I do have the confidence.
So, please do not be afraid. A lot of opportunities are there. The most important thing is yourself. Keep praise yourself. You are unique, and you could not be compared with others.
Thank you Allah Ar Rahmaan Ar Raahiim for your Rahmat


Wednesday, June 12, 2019


I do sometimes welcome any feedback. 

I could assume that all the feedback are positive. It mend to encourage ourselves to become a better person, better employee, and also better hope in the future. Mostly feedback does not concern about when and where. It could come anytime and anywhere.

Related to what I wrote in the previous blog. It also depends on how we look the feedback. Timing and Place would not become a matter if we could see it positively. Feedback giver mend that people do really care for us and would like us to grow.

This situation has also need to become a good chance for me to embrace my weaknesses. Identify my strength and how to cope the opportunity to reduce my weaknesses' level. 


Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Different Perspective

Perspective (source:
There are a keyword that popular in Linkedin these days. It is 'toxic'

You name it:
- Toxic people
- Toxic environment
- Toxic culture
- Toxic (you name it)

Initially, I did notice that it is not toxic which caused the problem. But it is more to the perspective on how we look the perspective of a problem. If we said that it is toxic, etc. Basically we are being toxic to ourselves. That is my opinion. Once we mentioned that is it a toxic, mostly we will not see the other perspective. We will look the negative or toxic side. Nevertheless, there is a lot of things that we could take to enrich our development, experience for example.

In the end of the story, there will be always a happy ending. So, it is not toxic or not toxic. It is more to see the others perspective as your perspective. Maybe people could see us a toxic people as well, as we see another people as toxic. This is normal and we will not be able to make everyone happy, as we are not an ice cream :)

That was my thought.



Monday, June 10, 2019


Hi Blog!

As I promised to you earlier.

I would like to renew my vision, my reasons and my vision towards this blog.

I started this blog when I was doing my master in Newcastle UK. I realised that this blog could be like a messenger for me. This blog could deliver my message to my family and all who would like to know. At least they would know what did i do or what was my thoughts were. This blog could also tell them that I was all right or I was not so good, and so on.

While in the meantime, this new blog has evolved my vision. I am sure that someday my son or my inheritance could learn from this blog. I would like to share. What did I do, what was wrong And what was right. This blog could forward ny ecperience to them. And i hope they could learn from what I have done.

As simple as that I supposed. So, this renew will also return my other parts of life. This renewed blog will also symbolise the renewing me.


#future #vision #life

New Life = New Start

 Photo by David Alberto Carmona Coto from Pexels

It has been almost a week from the Eid Al Fitr. When we return our soul to the purest after fast.

I have changed the domain name, as simple because I was too lazy to renew the domain. Many things that I have to do at that time, so has been acquired by a chinese company which I do not know who. I could not read chinese, I do apologise.

I have returned a lot of things to sort. My career, my family, my plan and my house of course. This moment is the best time to return myself to reconfigure and also to return the thing that I want the most of. Many things have been passed, many challenges, many up-downs, and also many things which have made me as myself today. I am very grateful for those things.

So, please wish me luck please. My new life, my new me, my new theme, my new domain.