Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Different Perspective

Perspective (source: Pexels.com)
There are a keyword that popular in Linkedin these days. It is 'toxic'

You name it:
- Toxic people
- Toxic environment
- Toxic culture
- Toxic (you name it)

Initially, I did notice that it is not toxic which caused the problem. But it is more to the perspective on how we look the perspective of a problem. If we said that it is toxic, etc. Basically we are being toxic to ourselves. That is my opinion. Once we mentioned that is it a toxic, mostly we will not see the other perspective. We will look the negative or toxic side. Nevertheless, there is a lot of things that we could take to enrich our development, experience for example.

In the end of the story, there will be always a happy ending. So, it is not toxic or not toxic. It is more to see the others perspective as your perspective. Maybe people could see us a toxic people as well, as we see another people as toxic. This is normal and we will not be able to make everyone happy, as we are not an ice cream :)

That was my thought.


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