Tuesday, June 18, 2019


There are many opportunities out there, however, each opportunity has its own characteristic. I do a lot of opportunities. If we represent opportunities as a job or work, we could say that there will be a lot of branches. These branches represent on how we could embrace all opportunities to approach our objective.
There are many ends, which do you want? money? career? work environment? location? growth?
In the end, we do need to adjust or align these ends with the current needs. I do learn a lot about this thing, for now maybe, A is the most important ends for me. Then, it could be adjusted to B for the next end.
It will be depend on your own. You will have your own path. What I do remember is on how to embrace the moment. Enjoy the moment. Bringing confidence to myself and keep the confidence and throw away all excuses. I do have excuses, but it could be all away once I do have the confidence.
So, please do not be afraid. A lot of opportunities are there. The most important thing is yourself. Keep praise yourself. You are unique, and you could not be compared with others.
Thank you Allah Ar Rahmaan Ar Raahiim for your Rahmat