Monday, June 10, 2019


Hi Blog!

As I promised to you earlier.

I would like to renew my vision, my reasons and my vision towards this blog.

I started this blog when I was doing my master in Newcastle UK. I realised that this blog could be like a messenger for me. This blog could deliver my message to my family and all who would like to know. At least they would know what did i do or what was my thoughts were. This blog could also tell them that I was all right or I was not so good, and so on.

While in the meantime, this new blog has evolved my vision. I am sure that someday my son or my inheritance could learn from this blog. I would like to share. What did I do, what was wrong And what was right. This blog could forward ny ecperience to them. And i hope they could learn from what I have done.

As simple as that I supposed. So, this renew will also return my other parts of life. This renewed blog will also symbolise the renewing me.


#future #vision #life