Saturday, February 01, 2020


I have not got any thought that I could have such an opportunity working in here.

I have a lot of things as my expectation, le'ts mention salary? career? money? anything that tangible, that we could count, particularly as a material thing.

However, there are a lot of things that I could not quantify for the bigger thing. That is the opportunity to grow itself, the work-life balance, how comfy you speak in English every day, meet international network, boost your confidence as part of the global citizen? many things!

Honestly, the most thing that I would be grateful for is that I could be closer than him. I am still working on how to thank His Blessing and Gifts. I consider myself lucky, alhamdulillah. Allah gave me the opportunity to see the world. An experience which has given me lead to think from different perspectives. You could name it, culture, interpersonal skills, language and professionalism. Those are the things that cannot be quantified, but there is the opportunity

Allah Yaa Rahmaan Yaa Rahiim, please give me strength to do my best and to be the best. Amin!