Tuesday, April 28, 2020

Be Humble!

I do not remember if you have heard this story yet.

Alhamdulillah, I have told you that I have been relocated to headquarters in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia right? I have been in KL since then. This is the first story I have started my journey to The HQ.

So, I met this guy, a Singaporean based who is recently graduated from his Ph.D. from one of the best universities in Singapore. He seems to undermine people, but he is nice actually. He taught the same thing that we have not known yet. So we just started our team, we have not known each other yet. I was doing 3 days in KL and 2 days in Jakarta as well, back and forth.

So, this gentleman approached me and then he tried to teach me a lot of things. He mentioned his experience and so on. He seems did not respect me at that time. I could see from this behavior and the way he talked to me. But it is all right, I just honest to him that this is my first job in this new area, I should learn from him and so on.

Until I think he landed on my Linkedin page. He just knows that actually both of us are holding a PhD as well. So after that, he invited me to connect and I feel that he has become more respectful to me. I do not know why. it is maybe because I have a PhD from one of the top universities in the Aviation Industry.

so it taught me a lot that I could do the same thing to others. So be humble and honest to yourself, whether you know or not!