Thursday, April 30, 2020

Good Experience!

Here it is!

I have just read about how someone started his career journey. I read his experience on Linkedin. It seems that it is the same thing that happened to me as well. I do remember that someone said that it is not rejection but it was redirection.

I do remember when I do start my first job, it was an awesome experience. I learned a lot of things. I do many a lot of things beyond my capability at that time. So it was my starting point.

Then, I come into a journey that I felt I did not perform well. I almost fired as I could not perform well I think. Even I was offered to be downgraded into first level staff. I was thankful that time since because of that I tried a different way. I do remember that if you do the same thing you will not have different outputs.

It is a long story short, I have found that I love what I am doing.  I do realize that this is the place I should belong to. All the supporting elements are there to support me. Thankfully, Thank you to Allah that we did not His way yet. So, In sha Allah I will keep my mind positive and keep moving forward.

Bismillah! Wish me luck, please!