Friday, February 05, 2021

Find a Meaning as a PhD and an Industrialist

There is no word that can describe how grateful I am to have a PhD and working abroad in the aviation industry.

It has crossed my mind when I was watching mas Yanuar's Nalar on Eps.26.
I told my wife that I feel undermine and desperate for my work. However, these videos gave me a deep insight and force me to look at another answer.

After careful thought and listening to Mas Yan's video, I do understand that there is a good reason I am doing my current job. I could not compare my work to the others, as I have different role and expertise compare to my colleagues.

Currently, I am handling a project to make a learning content, which is in digital form. I am sure that my work also holds importance in the digital transformation role. I do understand that it depends on the 'man behind the gun', not on the gun itself. I am sure that this digital learning will be useful to the society and community because most of the technology has to be human interfered. People who use that has to understand and has to be able to do it. No matter what they do, no matter what cutting-edge machine that we have, the human need to be there and need to be able to interfere for the greater good.

So, in sha Allah my work will be beneficial and useful for all the people, society, In sha Allah.

source of image: freepik