Wednesday, February 03, 2021


Hi All!

Happiness? Where is it?

I have found it that it is in my mind. Yes, only I can see my happiness and the other way around as well, you can only see your happiness by yourself.

Happiness will differ between one to another. I have happiness in the food, for example, or happy that my car is clean, or happy as I could solve my job's challenges, and so on.

As I read from an article, people with the longest age on the earth are happy. So, yeah, trying to find myself to be happy.

I was desperate in many times, my health, my work, my house, my family, my body, my mind, etc. But what it comes to be like a boomerang, makes me think more and consume my energy more, I think. I feel exhausted, I feel anxious, overwhelm and everything. I have tried a few things until I remember that I have a blog that can be useful. It is not only for me but also it could help people with the same problem as mine.

However, problems will be there based on our perception. Do we see it as a problem? or a challenge? Does it take our energy or the other way around, it could help us to grow? So be it!

I just remember the one I read from a novel, Hey Problem, I have Allah The Almighty! So that is one of the ways as well. I do believe that Allah has arranged everything for us. He set the best for us. All we have to do is to be patient.

If you feel unwell, always believe that our body is created with its capability to heal itself. And we do have Quran as it is promised as medicine for every illness. Rasulullah SAW also gave us an example to do Bekam, consume healthy food, and habitus sauda. What were the examples and the solutions? Yes, that is. I trust that the illness or something that happened in our body is caused by what we have done to our body. What did we eat, we drink, we think, and we have done. Please give me your guidance to keep my iman and do everything according to Your guidance.

Thinking about people? Do not worry, Allah created them as well. So what they have done and what they did to us means to be a way to redirect us to someone better. I wish I knew about this before, it is based on how we think. I do remember the secret, what will happen is all that we have thought before. So keep positive! In sha Allah, Allah loves people who keep positives.

To keep positives? Just hinder the negatives! that what I could suggest. I see many negatives that made me feel overwhelmed, but not anymore when I strict to myself to be more positives!

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