Friday, February 05, 2021

Hollistic Approach as a Human

 Yesterday I had a discussion about Methapysic and Healthiness of a Human being, like us.

I have this complaint about my pain in my chest, and then stomach aches as well. I went to the doctor, and they said I am all right. Then, we came up with so-called metaphysic disruption. I could not agree more with him, as it can also the catalyst of the pain. I agree with him.

In addition to that, I do also see the human being itself who maybe being careless about his/her health. As for example, how was my lifestyle and what did I eat, all of them are connecting. Both Physically and Mentally, and we add another perspective, Metaphysically.

The most important logic that we could summarise is that all of these things are can be controlled by the human being themselves. So, we need to pray or ibadat more to prevent ourselves from the metaphysically disrupted. Another one is the physical health, this health can be also be controlled and be monitored by doing few measurements, such as healthy food, do regular exercise or training, and the other as the mentally, we could have measurement such as meditation and so on.

The best thing as a Muslim is, they are mentioned in the Quran and Sunnah. I have learned that how to pray can both measures our mental and physical health. Then, fasting as well, it is a good measurement to our physical health. And these physical measurements also addressing the human being health as holistically. The peak of this practice is mental health and the iman to Allah.

That is what I understand, Wallahu Alam bi shawab.