Thursday, May 27, 2021


I am a reader!

I love to read and refound a way to read fast and smart!

I lost my read behavior when I was doing my Ph.D. I was too busy reading mostly papers and articles. So the fond of reading a book, either a fiction or a non-fiction book, has gone. Too much pressure that time I think.

However, I have found that how to read fast on Youtube. It reminds me to do the read, and I have tried it this morning. I managed to read almost 80 pages in 2 hours. Which is quite an impressive result of the smart reading method. And reading faster means that your mind is working faster as well. It has made you think and revisit what you have read. Which is the thing that I need.

Currently, I am reading a book titled Atomic Habits. This book full of beef and made me want to finish it as soon as possible. Once I finished reading the book, I will write a review on my blog. 

One preview for what I read is that changing my identity to redevelop my reading habit. That is why I use the opening sentence as 'I am a reader!.'


Monday, May 24, 2021

You Deserve It!


I have found this phrase on Youtube!

There is a thing that only Allah and I know. It is on how our feeling and how things have been worked for us. How was the situation through our lives. Our situation in our childhood, family, working environment, you name it. We are fighting our own fight!

I always think this on how to put on the other side. Unfortunately, I was totally correct. I have to think from my perspective. I have to take into mind our fight as well. What we have done and what we have gone through. So any which you obtain something, please bear on your mind that 'YOU DESERVE IT!".

Yes, indeed, we deserve what we have. We deserve to have an obligation to live happily! 


Knowing Yourself


Photo by Amanda Jones on Unsplash

It has been a while that I am underestimating myself, either in daily life or in the professional world. I did not think that I have reached something or have something that I could be proud of. Until I found a video on youtube and watch it, there is a series from on Youtube. 

I have just found that this is interesting and relate to me. I was looking for my weakness and what I have done, so I thought like that. I have found that this situation relates to my after PhD life. I did not think that my PhD was great enough from the others. The others have published paper or journal in the good one. I do realize that I am still working on it. In addition, at work, I did not find myself has something to be proud of as well.

When I was relating this situation to that video, there was something wrong with myself. I was too harsh to myself. I have made a list of what I think I have achieved and how I could feel proud of it. There were so many things that I could be proud of. There are ranges from the small things to the bigger ones. Basically, I always compare myself to others. 
I have seen posts from Instagram, Facebook or other things. I saw my age range. People have their own business, have a sports car, have billions, and have a house with a swimming pool. 

If I reflect on myself, I could not be compared with others in this area. We have a different path. My path was staying in the UK for few years. I have gained experience as a global citizen, shaping my mind and way of thinking. I do believe that not many people had the same experience as mine. Staying and working abroad has made me and my family more independent, I could say.

Last but not least, this pandemic has taught us many things as a family. We do have financial planning now. We realise that there is an important thing to prepare everything and mitigate the risk. We do also have a financial recording system which I could proud of myself. I could foresee what will be our budget and what should we do with the cash flow. It was hard for the first time, but we have found the best flow on recording our financial history in a matter of time. Maybe I will share this someday in this blog.

As an employee, I learned a lot of things. There are totally new things for me. I was more on the sales side previously. Sales and marketing were more into relationship management and how to build the relationship. I did really notice how things work. I just know about the product knowledge itself. How the product made or delivered, I was not an expert about that. However, with this new role, at least I know that I could make something happen. Alhamdulillah, Allah gave me a good mentor, boss and colleagues. I learned a lot from them. So I could say that I was a different guy from last year.

So I have found many things that I could be thankful for and grateful for. The most important thing is that we have to realise that We are enough for us, and we deserve it! I did try my best, and I realise that those are for me. 

Wednesday, May 19, 2021

Revisit My Blog

 Just woke up, Adika was cyring. I think he was bloated, we called 'masuk angin'.

Alhamdulillah my wife gave him Yu-Yee Oil and now he is sleeping.

This moment i was sending eid mubarak to my fellow PhD colleague when I was in Cranfield, UK. I have found that I missed the moments i was in Cranfield. Doing PhD, has settled the time and working management there.

Everything was arranged and programmed. Loved it there, i hope someday we could go back there again. To live there, to grow there and to be successful there. In sha Allah. I would like to become like Bang Fauzan, a startup founder which is amazing. Currently i could dream while putting the stepping stones. In sha Allah.

Cranfield taught me a lot of things, Alhamdulillah Allah gave me an opportunity to embarked my PhD there. Lot of things has happened to me, it was one of the stepping stone for where i am standing right now. The foundation to shape my future. As a speaker in AMWAY's Seminar, someone could not have an extraordinary result if they are doing an ordinary way. So, i thought that doing a PhD is an extraordinary way for me. 

How I miss UK a lot, missing the experience which allow us grow as a family there. That is why i do revisit my blog with a #PhD tag. It is totally a journey, a lovely one. 

Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash


Saturday, May 15, 2021

Putting Expectation to a Prayer

I have found disappointments come while we are depending on something many times. Many times that we  have found a plan for my family and me as for example: to make a trip, then we were planning to buy a house, and many things that we would like to do could not be done due to some circumstances which were beyond our control, 

However, putting the expectations on people or ourselves was intriguing. We forgot that we have to depend on Allah, as He will decide what we plan. Did I feel disappointed? Yes, of course, that was because we were putting the expectation, not to the prayer.

We felt that we had done many things, but if it failed or delayed, we would be so extremely disappointed. So that is now me, myself, to learn how to put an expectation into a prayer. Bismillah... 

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Thursday, May 13, 2021

Being Invisible

"Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle." Philo

Right now that I feel I have something that I need and require. And thank you, Allah, who has fulfilled my needs from Him.

I was thinking that becoming invisible is the best way for me. Invisible here means that I am showing off that I made something and contribute something for others. I intend to do what I think is the best that I could do, let others enjoy the result. However, I really do not care to take the credit for the output that the others could use. I am happy with it.

However, it seems that it was very hard. sometimes, when you become invisible, people tend to not see that you are there and do something because of them. I do not know, maybe they are busy with their own goal, and their level of empathy was not adequate to show their thankfulness or gratefulness.

Maybe I was the one that has the same attitude, or maybe still the same as now. Maybe I still do not know how to say thank you or grateful for whatever I have. Yes, indeed, I often think that everything is because of my work or my attempts and failures. However, it is all arranged by Allah the Al-Mighty. He managed everything for me; I am the one that needs to be thankful and be more grateful. 

I could foresee that there were stages to reach this thinking in terms of a different perspective or different mindset from others. Both education level and experiences have shaped me into this level, which I have to aware that this will be totally different from the others. 

I always remember that each person has their own fight, so I do not have any rights to judge them or undermine them. So, what I could do is to help them. As for now, I have a limitation. I tried to help from my perspective, which is to set my positive mindset for them. I do not know whether it is right or not, but this is the best I could do for now.