Thursday, May 13, 2021

Being Invisible

"Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle." Philo

Right now that I feel I have something that I need and require. And thank you, Allah, who has fulfilled my needs from Him.

I was thinking that becoming invisible is the best way for me. Invisible here means that I am showing off that I made something and contribute something for others. I intend to do what I think is the best that I could do, let others enjoy the result. However, I really do not care to take the credit for the output that the others could use. I am happy with it.

However, it seems that it was very hard. sometimes, when you become invisible, people tend to not see that you are there and do something because of them. I do not know, maybe they are busy with their own goal, and their level of empathy was not adequate to show their thankfulness or gratefulness.

Maybe I was the one that has the same attitude, or maybe still the same as now. Maybe I still do not know how to say thank you or grateful for whatever I have. Yes, indeed, I often think that everything is because of my work or my attempts and failures. However, it is all arranged by Allah the Al-Mighty. He managed everything for me; I am the one that needs to be thankful and be more grateful. 

I could foresee that there were stages to reach this thinking in terms of a different perspective or different mindset from others. Both education level and experiences have shaped me into this level, which I have to aware that this will be totally different from the others. 

I always remember that each person has their own fight, so I do not have any rights to judge them or undermine them. So, what I could do is to help them. As for now, I have a limitation. I tried to help from my perspective, which is to set my positive mindset for them. I do not know whether it is right or not, but this is the best I could do for now.