Saturday, May 15, 2021

Putting Expectation to a Prayer

I have found disappointments come while we are depending on something many times. Many times that we  have found a plan for my family and me as for example: to make a trip, then we were planning to buy a house, and many things that we would like to do could not be done due to some circumstances which were beyond our control, 

However, putting the expectations on people or ourselves was intriguing. We forgot that we have to depend on Allah, as He will decide what we plan. Did I feel disappointed? Yes, of course, that was because we were putting the expectation, not to the prayer.

We felt that we had done many things, but if it failed or delayed, we would be so extremely disappointed. So that is now me, myself, to learn how to put an expectation into a prayer. Bismillah... 

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