Saturday, September 25, 2021

CoE Application Thailand: Visa duration

 After the previous blog about applying for the Visa, now we would like to share about the CoE.

This CoE stands for Certificate of Entry. We applied it in two sequential phases: the pre-approval and approval phases. In this approval, you have to have your Passport, Visa, reference letter applying for a working permit (in my case, I used WP3), medical insurance. Then in the second phase is the approval, we need to add the booking flight confirmation and the hotel booking for quarantine.

I think all was straight forward and the website gives very detailed directions on how to do it. It will be easy even for a first-timer like me. However, we would like to share more about the medical insurance/ travel insurance that we have to submit in the application. We were confused about the needed duration of the insurance that we needed to buy. To be honest, we did concern about this as we have to apply for all family members (4 of us). I could imagine we need to spend quite a fortune. And after we do check the price, the country where we come from, Malaysia, the price is higher than if you come from Germany. The price is almost twice if you go from Malaysia for the same duration of time. Due to this, we asked the embassy through a Facebook fan page. The admin was very helpful and gave us prompt response. 

We can buy for three months instead of a year (as mentioned by a few websites and youtube) to submit the CoE. So it saved us some fortune to spending on others things. Although the company will reimburse this, we have to spend our money first. So the problem was solved. Thank you to everyone who supported us.

Disclaimer: Please do check again with the embassy, as the policy may change. I just shared what we had, and it may differ from others' situations.