Sunday, September 19, 2021

Share: Visa Application

Halo There!

We got our car sold, now it is time for us to share how we apply for the Visa. And due to this pandemic, there is also another document called CoE (Certificate of Entry). Both have to be issued consequently. CoE can be given once we get the Visa issued. 

The first thing first is to issue the Visa. The Visa or working permit for a single entry only (similar as I have when working in Malaysia). This temporary operating permit visa has 3 months duration. The issuance process was very rapid and smooth. I have all the required documents sent by the company then I did add few requirements such as based on this list:

  1. Filled Visa Application Form (which is downloadable from the Thai Embassy website). I applied B Visa and O Visa.
  2. A Copy of Passports, 
  3. A copy of the Birth Certificate (for dependant child), 
  4. A copy of the marriage certificate (for dependant spouse).
  5. Visa Photo to be attached in the form.
  6. Documents provided by the company (Working permit application from Thailand authority, other additional documents I just submitted at the counter).
  7. Cash to pay the application (each of us paid RM320 that time)
  8. Book an appointment date and time online
Once the day had come, we drove there using our car (it has not been sold yet). We parked in the Ampang Mall, which is very convenient and safe as well. Cars were parking on the street beside the embassy. However, we found that it has no parking sign. So the Ampang mall is the best option we have. We paid RM3 for parking using a Touch n Go card only. 

We came at the same time as we arrived, so our name was called in the monitor at the same time once we entered the building. The staff is also amiable as we have all the required forms and documents. So no hassle, and it took us less than 30 mins as the team needed to check and do the transactions. While giving us the payments receipts, the staff recommended we book a slot to collect the Visa on the next working day. So we booked the collection for Monday (We submitted it on Friday). The collection time is after 2.30 pm. 

And we had our Visa on Monday at 2.30pm. The collection only took us less than 10 mins. It was so smooth and very efficient.

Foto oleh Porapak Apichodilok dari Pexels