Sunday, October 31, 2021

Make a Scene Part II

So, now I have set my scene here. A scene where I am staying in Bangkok. Moving from Malaysia to Thailand with my family. In the time of the pandemic. 

This scene may relate to the others. I am setting the stage to attract other people who may be assisted with my story or blog. That is the best thing that I could do now. I would not like people could face something that we have encountered. I hope they could take our experience for their more significant goods. 

So I am learning this as part of training which my company is holding. The training is called 'Telling Stories". I do love how our trainer/ facilitator invites us to think like a movie director. Give the best of your effort in the first 3 minutes of your presentation, then tell the story. So he gave us a lifetime of homework to watch a movie in the first 3 minutes. The central theme could be obtained in the first 3 minutes.

For example, in Harry Potter, the first 3 minutes of the theme show the spectators how Harry lost his parent. That is it, it is a story about an orphan who is looking for his identity. The wizarding world is the prob of the main themes. He also showed us about Walking Dead, the clip from Lalisa, etc.

When I tried to understand, it gave me a lot of things to think about. It is not only telling about stories, working in making presentations, and so on, but it also has a more profound philosophical idea. It is also about finding ourselves, how we are trying to sell ourselves or develop ourselves. 

I related this when I gave a sharing session to an online class. I realized that telling the stories of myself gave me a better perspective about myself. It also gives me more confidence in sharing what I have done and what skills that I have. Telling myself, telling my skills, telling my experience on how it could relate to the class. What are they required, and what are the expectations. All are related, and the theme is telling it all.

I feel thankful and grateful for this training. I hope I can learn more and am very keen to take more insight from the training. Insya Allah.


Make A Scene


So I would like to share what I have done and what I have learned in the past few weeks back.

Alhamdulillah, we have been in Bangkok for more than two months now, and we are counting. Hopefully, we will stay longer here, and Allah blesses us. Insya Allah main. We had been in Bangkok for two days for a visit as a tourist. We do love Bangkok, and it is like a dream comes true when we have an opportunity to stay in Bangkok. Alhamdulillah.

So, we have started the challenges that have also become our opportunity to learn a new language, culture, and way of life here. I admire people here for their hospitality and how they respect others. How they live, how religious they are, is being represented in their daily life. 

I am learning many things in terms as a new boy in the neighborhood. It is a learning experience. Hopefully, we could extract all the values not only for us but also for our sons. Insya Allah amiin,

We have stayed in our permanent house now, I mean the one that we were waiting for in the first month after the company provided the quarantine. It was a great place. However, many things have been taken into our account, so we decided to move. We are now staying in Din Daeng, near the Rama IX. It is primarily local people staying in this neighborhood. Around the location, we have found a place to shop and also near to public transport. The best thing is that this location is close form our son's school. That is our first priority right now. So alhamdulillah.

We have found a few differences in terms of renting accommodation. As an overview, it is almost the same as in Malaysia. However, it only needs two months deposit, without any utility bills required as a deposit. However, the rental price in hire is slightly higher than our previous accommodation in KL. 

The most important thing is that we are now happy here, and we are very excited to start our journey here. 

Wish me luck, please. Bismillah...