Monday, January 30, 2023

Grief? How it will affect to our life?

 Lost someone, in this case, my beloved mother.

We lost her last September. It was so fast, and I still do not believe she has gone. She is gone too soon for us. And I will never be prepared to lose someone that I love the most in this world. Love you, Mom!

Grief is like a black dot in our life. This grief will still be there in our life. But we will learn and try to live with the grief. We will have happiness, sadness, and excitement; all are above this grief. Layers by layers. I learned this from Dr. Julie, she is a psychologist. And make me understand how to treat this grief.

It will not go. It will still be there. But Allah gave our hearts and minds to adapt to how to live with this grief. This grief could be a reminder that we are going back to Allah. This reminder also will be part of our lives. So Mom, with her departure, also taught us to become us like now; she reminds us that we will be back to Allah. And only to Allah will we go.

I hope Allah will give us the best place in His Jannah, so we can be together again. Insha Allah amiiin. Ya Allah The Most Merciful, please forgive my mother's mistakes and please place her in the best place next to you, Allah. Amiin.

I miss you, Mom. Ya Allah, please give us strength and Your Permission to be close to you and be part of Solihin. Amiin.